Kurdish Regional Government to hold presidential elections in Nov

Ankara: Masoud Barzani, President of Kurdish Regional Government, called for presidential elections in northern Iraq on November 1, a month earlier to the scheduled date (December 7).

Barzani’s assistant, Hemin Hawrami, tweeted on Saturday evening that the present KRG president had “refused to get any extension, or any amendments”.

“President Barzani called for Parliament/ President Elections on 12/7 to be held in November 1. Parliament extended its work four two seasons. President Barzani refused to get any extension, or any amendments. He sent a letter to the Parliament today. Parliament convene Tomorrow,” the tweet read.

According to an Anadaolu report, on Wednesday, the KRG, fearing more military escalation by Baghdad, offered to “suspend” the results of last month’s illegitimate referendum, halt all military activity and enter into dialogue with the central government.

“The unconstitutional referendum was heavily criticised by most regional and international actors, with many warning it would distract from Iraq’s ongoing fight against terrorism and further destabilise the region,” the report further read. (ANI)