Kubhushan Jadhav row: MNS workers attacked Zara showroom

Mumbai: After the verdict came against Jadhav in Pakistan, MNS workers rushed into a Zara showroom to throw away all the apparels made in Pakistan, India today’s report stated the incident.

Raj Thackery’s party on Tuesday after throwing all the clothes away told, “it was our compensation towards the decision made against Jadhav.” MNS’s general secretary, Rita Gupta stated, ” we have asked them not to sell their brand here, but we came to know that there are still some showrooms in Juhu, selling their goods. That we are next planning to targets.”

Raj Thackeray’s party, after the unfortunate Uri attack, made a hype over Pakistani artists being cast in a few Bollywood movies, which led them to terminate their further projects in India.

Zara’s fashion designer, Shaina said, ” they are making all this chaos, to gain some power and they’ve taken the law into their hands.” Moreover, “our Government is with Kulbhushan Jadhav and the culprit will be soon brought into custody,” she added.