KTR too small to criticize Uttam, say Congressmen

Hyderabad: Terming IT Minister KT Ramarao as “fox and wolf”, Telangana Congress leaders today alleged that KTR was criticising TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy forgetting his level.
Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Wednesday, TPCC official spokespersons Dasoju Sravan, Addanki Dayakar, TPCC vice-president Gaddam Prasad Kumar, general secretary Bollu Kishan, Youth Congress state president Anil Kumar Yadav and senior leader KK Mahender Reddy alleged that the police have turned as sycophants of the government in Sircilla.
Sravan alleged that KTR speaking arrogantly forgetting what he was and alleged that the TRS party indulged deep neck sand mafia activities. He alleged that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and KTR were looting 75 percent of the revenue coming from the sand business. “Congress never indulged in sand business”, he cleared and said that the duo were selling the sand at Rs.80,000 per truck but they were paying Rs.8,250 per truck to the government. KTR, who was saying that he has no links with sand mafia, was speaking true lies, he said.
While showing documents to the media, Sravan asked KTR to tell whether Santhosh Kumar was not in the Goldstone mining? He alleged that KTR was looting sand in the name of dams construction. “Not to speak ignorantly. KTR is speaking inhumanly in regard to attacks on daliths in Sircilla”, he said and challenged KTR to come for a open debate even in Telangana Bhavan if he had guts.
Stating that KTR was not equal to Uttam, Sravan said that Uttam was a patriot. Alleging that KTR was a gangster, Sravan warned KTR to speak controlling his tongue. KTR was in power intoxication and spoke lies on Himanshu Motors and said he has not links with the Motors. “Is it not a fact that KTR shown Himanshu Motors in election affidavit? Asking KTR to tell the answer to 2015 IT balance sheet, Sravan asked was it not a fact that the government purchased Toyota cars from NDA’s vice-presidential candidate M Venkaiah Naidu’s son’s showroom without calling for tenders. He asked as to why the government was giving subsidies to the Swarnabharathi, which was indulging in irregularities. “Is it not a fact that Venkaiah Naidu was not tried to stop the creation of separate Telangana state?”, he questioned. He demanded the state government to order inquiry into the Swarna Bharathi issue, Himanshu Motors and sand mafia with sitting judge or KTR has to come to Gun Park for an open debate.
Asking KTR to stop speaking trash against Congress party, Addanki Dayakar alleged that Sircilla SP Vishwajith turned as sycophant of TRS party. Sand mafia activities were taking place in Sircilla under the supervision of SP, he alleged and asked KTR to tell as to why he was not reacting on attacks on daliths in Sircilla through Twitter. Finding fault with the KTR for stating that the Congress was filled with old foxes, Dayakar said that the persons having along with KTR were real old foxes. KTR friends were in drugs case and KTR was trying to protect them, he pointed out.
KK Mahender Reddy said that KTR was speaking dishonourably. Terming KCR as Mafia King and KTR as Mafia Prince, Mahender Reddy asked where gone KTR studied school in the drugs case. KTR was speaking with unexpected richness. Telangana people were hatred of culture of KTR.
Anil Kumar Yadav alleged that KTR was in a position to see only Samanthas not daliths. KTR was inebriated with power, he said and warned KTR to speak controlling his tongue or else he will not move freely in Telangana. (NSS)