KTR kay haseen sapnay: battered roads, traffic jam & helpless citizens

Hyderabad: Traffic jam has become a major problem in twin cities. Repeated complaints were made pointing out the lack of systemic mechanism but roads of the city needs to be improved in order to ease the traffic flow. Besides GHMC, repair is made by Roads and Buildings Dept but substandard material is used in construction which results in severe battering. Instead of closing the pits, if action is taken against contractors and officials who are responsible for using substandard material it will reduce use of such material. GHMC had laid roads at many places of the city before the start of monsoon season but the present condition of roads does not give an impression that the roads were laid a few months ago.

GHMC has to say that 21353 pits and potholes have been filled since June 7, 2016, but according to the police officials the roads which were repaired during the past two months again witness the potholes which is very unfortunate. Due to lack of proper roads traffic police measures also seem to be futile. Bad roads not only damage vehicles but also have negative effect on health of commuters; they have a lasting impact on the spinal cord.

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