KTR is “chinna loafer”, says Shabbir

Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the LOP in TSLC today charged that the TRS leaders were ungrateful to Congress which had given Telangana and political life to KCR and family and party having history getting independence to Country , cruising congress was like grown-up children criticizing their mother who fed her children.

Responding to Telangana Minister K T Rama Rao criticism of Congress party as loafer party , the LOP said if it is so KCR is big loafer and KTR is a small loafer , he also said ‘ Telangana contribution of the Congress party and its president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in response to sacrifices made by people of Telangana and the TRS ditched Congress party after achieving Telangana ‘.

Accepting the challenge of KTR that TRS would get 100 seats in 2019 polls he said Congress party was ready for a immediate poles , let all us go to Amaraveerula Stupam near Assembly and decide to go for polls on the same issue. ‘If TRS fails to come to power in 2019 will they quit politics, will they start an NGO and serve the people he questioned . Let KCR decides to resign by MLAs and go to polls and test our popularity ‘ he said.

He said it was well known that KCR along with his entire family members had gone to Congress President Sonia Gandhi home at Delhi after the formation of Telangana and thanked her profusely and also got a family portrait clicked. After such a show loyalty and obedience (false and fake show), a member of the KCR family is now calling congress names. This exposes not only political opportunism and hollowness of TRS and its leadership but also its bankruptcy, ungrateful, family-centered politics of KCR

He said KCR political life started with Congress as Youth congress Vice president and KTR calling Congress as Loafer party if so we may call KCR big loafer and KTR will be a small lofer . He also said TRS and KCR had no political philosophy and even the bogey of their commitment to the development of Telangana is opportunistic and deceptive. Is it not the TRS and KCR who has been hanging around UPA in (2004) and NDA in (2008) at the nick of results of the general elections then? He quipped.

While addressing huge rally LOP said that KCR government failed to full fill promises made to state, to highlight failures Congress was organized more than 500 Motor Cycle rally at Bichkonda and Pitlam ,Jukhel constituency , while criticizing TRS government as anti people and family rule government.

Blasting KTR for his unparliamentarily comments on Congress party, Sri Shabbir said ‘ KTR was in the US during Telangana agitation and walked into MLA seat and power served to him on a platter and is not aware of the crucial role played by Congress in the formation of Telangana. ‘KTR is now talking like a leader who had sacrificed a lot, and that Congress party and its leaders who did nothing. What a joke !’ he said.

He said records in Odisha Govt show that KTR was also involved in several scams like a film studio land case. In 2008 KTR refused to take up politics seriously and had even planned to go back to the US but jumped into politics fully after Telangana was announced by Congress in 2009. Challenging KTR to come for open debate about the background and his family affairs, if he forgotten past we will update him about his father and his family’s criminal history said by Shabbir.

Shabbir said it is time KTR realized the ground realities and naked truth about TRS and his father’s political growth.’ If all the development brought in by KCR is true, then why is Telangana still in 5th position in exports and investments’, he asked. (NSS)