KTR bats for free online transactions

IT Minister KT Rama Rao today stated that all government transactions to people will be offered free of cost to people through online services. He was talking at a cabinet meeting with bankers and representatives of wallet companies at Secretariat here. With a focus on wallet security and servers safety the meeting discussed on demonetization, its impact, cashless transactions and mood of people to go for digital way of purchasing across the state. It also touched upon the digital way of transactions at Sidhipet and people response towards demonetization and need for replication in all districts. KTR advised the bankers and wallet companies to find multiple ways for avoiding problem of people who are yet to get accustomed to cashless transactions through digital way.

Since a single way of cashless transactions will not address the problems the bankers and wallets companies should work in tandem to find other solutions to encourage cashless transactions, he said. The state will seek assistance of the Centre and RBI to enable it to collect less taxes through digital transactions online to encourage consumers and businessmen. The government will offer services and payments online. The wallet companies stated that there was a surge in digital transactions at many places and promised to provide continuous support to the government for cashless purchases. They suggested increase of swiping machines at various points of business of small or medium (POS – point of sale) and steps need to work along with people and businessmen. The cabinet sub-committee also discussed about T Wallet being planned by the state government to offer digital services.(NSS)