KT Rama Rao challenges opposition: I will quit if I lose, will you?

Hyderabad: Replying to the questions posed by journalists at a Meet the Press organised by the Hyderabad Press Club, K.T. Rama Rao the caretaker minister of Telangana offered to quit politics once and for all if the TRS lost the elections.

He further asked if any of the Opposition leaders were prepared to accept his challenge of quitting politics if their parties lost the polls. He said there were as many as seven surveys conducted by different media organisations and six of them had predicted an overwhelming mandate for the TRS.

He stated that Mr Chandrasekhar Rao had won the confidence of all the people in the state and his government offered politically and economically stable governance apart from peace, development and welfare, which is what people expect from a government.

When asked that will he be the next Chief Minister, he said, “I never had such a dream or wish. I am content with what I am today in politics and I do not aspire for anything more. I wish that Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao continues to shoulder the stewardship of the state for 15 more years and transform it with sustained growth.”