Kriti Sanon opens up about weight gain in ‘Mimi’

Mumbai: Kriti Sanon says she chose a realistic approach while portraying the various stages of pregnancy in the upcoming film “Mimi”.

“Being blessed with a great metabolism, I’ve always been able to eat whatever I want. Owing to this, it wasn’t easy for me to put on the kilos. From devouring the oiliest possible breakfast, to gorging on the sugariest of sweets, I had to stuff myself with way more food than normal,” Kriti recalled.

The actress added: “Every two hours, I needed to snack on something even when I was not hungry. After a while, this whole buffet of junk food got nauseating. I also wasn’t allowed to do any kind of workout including yoga, which led me to feel really unfit.”

Said “Mimi” director Laxman Utekar: “There is a difference between playing a character and becoming the character. Kriti has taken a deep dive into this role and it literally shows.”

“Very few actors place the sanctity of their craft above their stardom. Kriti is an artist first and knew that Mimi would demand her to go all out. It’s a performance born out of hard work and dedication,” Utekar said.

He added: “She knew she could burn off those calories later but immersing herself into the skin of her character was the need of the hour. In this case, it literally meant taking a deep dive into tasty desserts.”

The director turned out to be the perfect “friend in need”, sending the actress lots of high-calorie dishes.

“I remember sending across hampers loaded with sinfully delicious items that were sure to shock the weighing machine, but it was all to make her look convincing on screen,” he shares.

“Mimi” also stars Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa.

The film streams July 30 onwards on Jio Cinema and Netflix.