Kristen Wiig ‘bummed’ by gender wrangle around ‘Ghostbusters’

Los Angeles: Actress Kristen Wiig was not happy about the backlash the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters received. Many fans took to social media to decry the gender bending and Wiig, 42, was “bummed” about the gender-centric controversy, reported Variety.

“The fact there was so much controversy because we were women was surprising to me. Some people said some really not nice things about the fact that there were women. It didn’t make me mad, it just really bummed me out. We’re really honoring those movies,” she said.

Paul Feig, who is directing the reboot, had a similar experience after the film was announced. He ultimately decided to return in back to some of the humiliating remarks on Twitter.

Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones will star along with Wiig in the new Ghostbusters, which will hit the theaters on July 22, 2016.