Kristen Stewart says she’s ‘lucky’ to have had ‘Twilight’

Washington: While revealing that she feels “lucky” for the ‘Twilight’ experience, Kristen Stewart couldn’t help but gush about the opportunities that shaped her into who she is today.
On the red carpet of The Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit in New York City, the 27-year-old actress dished to E! Online that every part that she has ever played in the franchise has shaped her “in such a significant way.”
“I know from an outsider’s perspective you might have something to say about that like in general. But I kind of view it as every other thing that I’ve invested in and really loved. And I’m lucky to have had that experience,” she added.
Stewart also shared that she doesn’t look back at her life and ask herself what each project meant to her, but she “got a lot from” the experience.
“I never really look back at my life and go, ‘What did that mean?'” Stewart shared. “I got a lot from it and it’s made me who I am.” (ANI)