Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal dismisses demand

Hyderabad, July 01: The Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal Wednesday dismissed the demand of Andhra Pradesh government for a fresh survey of the crest level height of Alamati dam over Krishna river as it could deprive several riparian areas of water for irrigation.

The Tribunal said in an order that “there is no merit in the case made out by Andhra Pradesh” which sought a fresh survey by Survey of India of the crest height of Alamati dam located in Karnataka.

Andhra Pradesh had apprehended that the additional height at full reservior level of the dam would block the flow downstream of the Krishna river, affecting its riparian rights by diminishing the flow due to additional storage.

Andhra Pradesh had complained to the Tribunal that Karnataka had wrongly reported the Almatti dam’s benchmark height as 519.6 metres while it was actually 520.2 metres.