Kris Gethin starts Hyderabad’s first transformation gym

Kris Gethin launched gyms in Hyderabad here on Sunday. Kris said that a world class fitness training option will be available for the people of the city.

Speaking to media persons here on Sunday, Kris Gethin said that this is much more than a gym, it’s a transformation centre. This facility provides the best fitness equipment in the world with brands like life fitness, Hammer strength and Schwinn. Our trainers called transformers are educated in the most current trends in the fitness world and trained in our revolutionary training methodology, Dramatic Transformation Principle Methodology (DTP), which helps people transform their body quickly, safely and effectively.

Jag Chima cofounder of Kris Gethin Gyms said that we are intent on making this facility the best in the world, providing our clients and trainer with cutting edge, high-quality education that transforms their minds and motivates them to be their best selves.

He also announced the opening of the first gym in Banjara Hills and the company is opening another in kothapet by July, followed by four more centers across the city. (NSS)