Krafton’s PUBG: New State launched globally, including India

New Delhi: South Korean game developer Krafton on Thursday launched a new game in its PUBG franchise — PUBG: New State — in over 200 countries, including India.

This next-gen battle royale experience has been released on iOS and Android following its final Technical Test, which took place in late October.

“PUBG: New State has been and will continue to be a labour of love for the team at PUBG Studios, and we could not be more grateful to our global fans who have consistently shown their enthusiasm and support for the game since our announcement,” Minkyu Park, Executive Producer for PUBG: New State, said in a statement.

The game’s Launch Trailer is available on the official PUBG: New State YouTube Channel.

YouTube video

Developed by PUBG Studios, PUBG: New State is a free-to-play next-generation mobile game playable in 17 different languages.

The company said that the new game aims to push the battle royale genre forward through original gameplay features that include, but are not limited to, weapon customisation, the drone store and a unique player recruitment system.

At launch, PUBG: New State has three distinct gameplay modes, including Battle Royale (available on the future-set Troi and PUBG franchise staple, Erangel), 4v4 Deathmatch and the Training Ground where players can hone their skills before jumping into a live match

PUBG: New State offers monthly Survivor Passes that allow players to unlock a variety of in-game rewards as they play the game.

The game will also have Ranked Seasons that allow players to compete against other Survivors, increase their “tiera and earn high-end in-game rewards. Ranked Seasons will run for two months at a time.