Krafton opens pre-registration of ‘PUBG: New State’ in India

New Delhi:┬áSouth Korean video game company, Krafton on Wednesday announced that the pre-registration of ‘PUBG: New State’ is now live for Android and iOS users in India.

Developed by Krafton’s PUBG Studios and creators of ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’, ‘PUBG: New State’ is a new title to launch this year as a free-to-play experience on both platforms.

“Knowing that PUBG IP from Krafton is enjoying countrywide popularity in India and our Indian fans have high interest in the launch of ‘PUBG: New State’ in India, we at PUBG Studios are doing our best to offer a battle royale experience…” said Minkyu Park, Executive Producer, ‘PUBG: New State’.

Krafton said the game recreates PUBG: Battleground’s original Battle Royale experience, making it the most realistic battle royale game on mobile.

The company also mentioned that it has been investing heavily in the development of Indian gaming, e-sports and IT entertainment industries with the establishment of its Indian office.

The company recently announced that after making it available for Android users, its Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for iOS users.

The game has clocked 50 million downloads on Play Store.