KP Oli faces Contempt of Court for making disparaging remarks against lawyers

Kathmandu: While the hearing over Nepal’s Parliament dissolution will soon be held in the Supreme Court, two cases of Contempt of Court have been registered against caretaker Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for making disparaging remarks against legal practitioners.

Two advocates on Tuesday registered the motion against Oli, who now is functioning as the caretaker Prime Minister since the Parliament was dissolved on December 20.

“Two cases of contempt of court have been registered by advocates Kumar Sharma Acharya and Kanchan Krishna Neupane,” Devendra Dhakal, Information Officer at the Apex Court confirmed.

The advocates have alleged that Oli tried to influence the court and made disparaging remarks against legal practitioners. In an event on January 22, Oli during his address at a local gathering claimed that the Parliament dissolution has been made over time in Nepali history and there is no provision to restore the lower House.

While defending himself over the issue, Oli took a jibe at a senior advocate and former Chairman of Nepal Bar Association — Krishna Prasad Bhandari — by calling him a “grandfather” lawyer and asked petitioners not to trouble him.

He called Bhandari’s presence at the Supreme Court as “farce”. Bhandari had earlier termed Oli’s move to dissolve the Parliament as unconstitutional.

The duo petitioners, who have lodged the case against Oli in the Supreme Court, have claimed that the caretaker Prime Minister has evoked Article 128 (4) of the constitution by making such a disparaging statement. 

According to the article: “All must abide by any interpretation of the constitution or a law made by or any legal principle laid by the Supreme Court in the course of trying a lawsuit. If anyone makes obstruction in the dispensation of justice by, or disregard any order or judgment handed down by, it or any of its subordinate courts, the Supreme Court may, in accordance with law, initiate proceedings and impose punishment for contempt.”

Over a dozen writ petitions have been lodged against Oli over his decision to dissolve the lower House over the fear of failing to get an absolute majority in the Parliament. The verdicts are expected to be announced next month.