Korean Government Scholarship 2018

Korean Government Scholarship 2018:
The Government of the Republic of Korea invites applications for Korean Government Scholarship 2018 from graduation, post graduation, Ph.D., postdoctoral students.

With an objective to promote international exchange in education, as well as mutual friendship amongst the participating countries the scholarship has been introduced.

Who can apply for this scholarship:
Students applying for Master’s/Doctoral should be under 40 years of age as of 1st September 2018.

Students who are working as a professor should be under 45 years of age as of 1st September 2018.

Master’s: Students must hold a Bachelor’s degree as of 31st August 2018.
Doctoral: Students must hold a Master’s degree as of 31st August 2018.

Postdoctoral: Students must hold a Doctoral degree or a diploma equivalent to a Doctoral degree.

Note: Candidate must have secured 65% or more for the Biotechnology and Electronic Engineering.

How can you apply:
Step 1: First register.
Step 2: Fill all the details.

Step 3: Upload your documents.
Step 4: Write the details of the proposed plan of study in 500 to 1000 words for masters and 1000 to 2000 words for Doctoral.

Step 5: Attach proposal and submit.

Terms and Conditions:
Documents to be attached:
Scanned copy of mark sheet and certificate for a secondary exam.Scanned copy of mark sheet and certificate for a higher secondary exam.

Transcript in respect of the student’s higher qualifications (students are required to obtain the transcript from their university).

Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degree or equivalent.

Value of scholarship:
Settlement Allowance: 200,000 KRW
Monthly Allowance

(i) Degree Program (Master’s or Doctoral): 900,000 KRW
(ii) Research Program: 1,500,000 KRW
Research Allowance

(i) Liberal Arts and Social Science majors: 210,000 KRW per semester
(ii) Natural Science and Engineering Degrees: 240,000 KRW per semester

Language Training Fees: Fully covered
Degree Tuition: Fully covered

(i) Tuition up to 5 million KRW is covered by NIIED, and the amount that exceeds 5 million is covered by the scholar’s university.

(ii) The KGSP scholars are waived from the university’s admission fees.
Thesis (Dissertation) Printing Fee Reimbursement

(i) The actual cost of printing as written on the receipt will be reimbursed (Submission of receipt required).

(ii) The maximum reimbursable amount is 500,000 KRW for degrees in Liberal Arts and Social Science majors and 800,000KRW for degrees in Natural Science and Technology, Engineering and Arts, Music and Sports majors.

Medical Insurance: 20,000 KRW per month
Korean Proficiency Grants: 100,000 KRW per month.