Kolkata: Minor girl raped for over a year on pretext of break in TV serials

Kolkata: A 48-yr old struggling actor from Bangladesh was arrested on Friday by the CID officials for allegedly sexually abusing a minor girl for more than a year.

The incident came to light after the 10-yr-old managed to escape from the accused’s confinement and returned to her mother who is a resident of Parganas district in North-24.

The accused arrested is identified as Sheikh Heyadet Ali, a resident of Naihati. He was arrested by the CID officials of Protection of Women Crime Department in Barrrackpore.

According to the sources, Sheikh Hedayat Ali promised the minor’s mother to give her daughter a break in Television.

Speaking on the arrest, Dr Rajesh Kumar, ADG (CID) told the sources, the accused had been sexually exploiting the girl since the last one year. “It is an important arrest. Ali was also associated with some bars on Kalyani Expressway” the official said.

According to the CID sources, the accused is a close associate to the arrested extortionist Sheikh Bachchu, who allegedly controls various operations in Barrackpore from the prison.

The accused has been remanded to Police custody until August 25 and was booked under sections 363(kidnapping) and 376(rape) of IPC by the officials.

The minor lived with her widow mother in Parganas district. The accused approached the minor’s mother on false pretext of giving a break to her daughter in Television said the CID sources.

“The girl used to call Ali ‘mama’. Ali told the girl’s mother that he would take her along with him to hone her acting skills. She agreed and allowed her daughter to go with the accused. After this, Ali started torturing the girl sexually,” said the sources.

“He had taken the girl to places like Digha, Dharmatala, Bangaon, Dum Dum and would keep her confined in cheap hotels and shot obscene pictures of the girl” said a source.

The accused would only allow the girl’s mother for monthly visit in his presence added the sources.

“He would threaten the girl that if she ever opens her mouth he would make the pictures public,” they said.

The victim somehow recently managed to escape and returned to her mother and refused to go with Ali said the sources.

On refusing to go back with Ali, the victim’s mother who was unmindful of the ‘sexual abuse’ scolded the girl, asking her about her refusal to go back with the accused. The girl broke down and told her mother of his inhuman acts said the officials.

The girl’s mother lodged a complaint against the accused with the CID officials.

“Ali had plans to go to Bangladesh on Friday. We asked the victim’s mother to call him up and ask him to meet up. The CID officials were stationed in Barrackpore and the accused was arrested as soon as he reached the spot. The case is much more serious than what we thought.

“We found dozens of obscene videos of minor girls in his phones. He also has good connection with several bars and used to supply girls. His arrest may lead us to some more arrests,” said an official.