Kodandaram visits Dargah at Lal Darwaza

Hyderabad: Chairman of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee, Prof. Kodandaram visited Dargah located in front of Akkanna-Madanna Temple located at Lal Darwaza. He had come for offering ‘Puja’ at the temple in connection with Bonal. After performing ‘Puja’, he visited the Dargah in front of the temple also with the members of the managing committee of the temple.

It may be noted that like every year, this year also, the management of the temple renovated the dargah and painted it along with the painting work undertaken for the temple.

Talking to newsmen, Prof. Kodandaram told that it is an example of the Ganga-Jamuna Civilization of Telangana. He further told that the non-local rulers made an attempt to affect this civilization but the people of Telangana foiled all their conspiracies.

Prof. Kodandaram mentioned that any violence in the name of religion or caste will not be tolerated in Telangana. He explained that as per the Constitution of India, everyone has the freedom to profess any religion he likes. Any kind of intervention in it will be unconstitutional.
He congratulated the people of Telangana on the occasion of Bonal celebrations and expressed his good wishes for the promotion of communal harmony and maintenance of peace in Telangana. The members of the managing committee of the temple were also present on this occasion.

–Siasat News