Kodandaram, Suman make counter claims on Unemployment Rally

While Telangana JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram has described the Unemployment Rally was a big success, TRS leaders Peddapally MP Balka Suman, MLCs Shambipur Raju and Srinivas Reddy dubbed it as a total failure.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, in which they discussed incidents of Unemployment rally, arrests and other issues, with the JAC leaders, Unemployment JAC leaders, Student leaders at his residence here on Thursday, he said that the students, unemployed youth came to participate in rally voluntarily. It was a known fact that the police detained about 5000 persons and it was clearly revealing that the rally had become a big success. He said that the rally program has become a big success and JAC has succeeded in spreading what it wanted to tell the people and it was a milestone to tell that the rally has succeeded. Every media observed that the unemployed youth and students from all universities came forward to participate in the rally.

Earlier in the morning, Peddapally TRS MP Balka Suman along with MLCs Shambipur Raju, Srinivas Reddy, stated that the Unemployment Rally has become an utter flop show. He thanked unemployed youth for staying away from the rally and it clearly shows that the unemployed youth were expressed their confidence at the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. He said that KCR was moving forward with clarity in regard to water, funds and employment. The Chief Minister took special interest and created separate Service Commission for Telangana state and appointed original Telangana protagonist as its chairman. The government was in the process of filling vacant 1.07 lakh jobs in phased manner. He said that KCR was the person appointed Kodandaram as the chairman of the Telangana JAC and made Kodandaram to speak in JAC movements. Kodandaram failed by himself imagining something, he pointed out. He alleged that Kodandaram was trying to prove that Telangana state was a failure experiment as part of his conspiracy and asked Kodandaram to tell whether TTDP leader A Revanth Reddy, TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy and CPM state secretary Thammineni Veerabhadram were Telangana protagonists. There was a scope that Kodandaram would hatch several conspiracies to prove the separate Telangana state was a failure experiment, he predicted. Asking the Telangana people to be careful towards Kodandaram, Suman opined that KCR was only protector of Telangana state.

It was not proper to the media to show the rallies participated by very few students and majority of the students were pursuing their education sincerely, he said. The people were extending their support to KCR, who was taking the Telangana state in developmental path, he said and added that KCR would give full confidence to the unemployed youth. Kodandaram was provoking the students for his political interests, he said and alleged that Kodandaram was destroying the Hyderabad city, which was transforming as a world class city. Kodandaram was also trying to disturb the law and order situation, he said and suggested Kodandaram to stop such conspiracies at least now. (NSS)