Kodandaram disturbed KCR’s sleep

Hyderabad: Prof. Kodandaram, Chairman of TJAC arose as hero during Telangana Struggle but now he has become a villain for TRS. A dozen ministers of Telangana Govt. started aggressive war against Kodandaram. It speaks of the seriousness of the issues Kodandaram has raised. Prof. Kodandaram’s statement has disturbed TRS Govt.

The uproar of the Ministers and other TRS leaders proves that personality cult at its peak in TRS. For any organization, personality cult could be harmful. CM and the Minister are very well aware the status and the influence Prof. Kodandaram enjoys. If Prof. Kodandaram reaches the masses with any issue, intellectuals, youths and students would fully support him. If he formulates his strategy to raise the genuine issues of Telangana, TRS Govt. may face difficulties. In order to save the prestige of Govt. TRS has issued instructions to its cadre to attack Kodandaram and the leaders dumped all their might to criticize him. TRS leaders who are criticizing Prof. Kodandaram and presenting Telangana as an exemplary State have lost their dignity in the eyes of the people of Telangana.

It is very surprising that Mr. T. Srinivas Yadav, Ministry for Animal Husbandry who was not part of Telangana Movement and had opposed it, blamed Prof. Kodandaram for underhand dealings with other political parties inorder to criticize TRS Govt. Mr. T. Harish Rao who had all praise for Prof. Kodandaram during Telangana Movement alleged that Prof. Kodandaram is playing in the hands of opposition parties.

It was Prof. Kodandaram who gathered all the political parties, voluntary organizations, students’ organizations, Govt. employees’ organizations on the platform of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee. Mr. Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Agriculture Minister asks Kodandaram which TPJAC he is chairman? When Prof. Kodandaram blamed TRS Govt. for failing to resolve public grievances, Mr. J. Krishna Rao, Panchayati Raj Minister charged Prof. Kodandaram that he is throwing mud at the Govt. Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Dy. CM of Telangana told that who made Prof. Kodandaram chairman of TPJAC and that after the formation of separate Telangana State, TPJAC has been resolved. Another Dy. CM of Telangana, Mr. K. Sri Hari alleged that Prof. Kodandaram lost his mental balance after his retirement. The young TRS MP, Mr. Suman declared Prof. Kodandaram a poisonous cobra and an agent of Congress.

Let us review, what is the reason for Prof. Kodandaram for getting angry? He raised his voice against the Govt. for acquiring lands from the farmers in Medak District forcibly. Opposition parties are also raising their voice against the Govt. for its failure but the TRS did not respond in the manner it responded to Kodandaram. It seems that TRS feels Prof. Kodandaram is facing a threat to Govt. but it is the matter of anxiety that in the entire episode, Mr. KCR is missing, he is the only playing the role of a spectator.

It may be recalled that when Telangana Movement was at its peak, the then minister of integrated A.P,, Mr. T.K. Venkatesh had told that in a public meeting that Prof. Kodandaram is the heat beat of the people of Telangana. He had also threatened to cut the tongue of the person who criticizes Prof. Kodandaram.

Is it possible for Mr. KCR to cut the tongues of a dozen ministers and other leaders?. The people of Telangana want reaction of Mr. KCR on the remarks made by his ministers against Prof. Kodandaram. TRS leaders are claiming that TPJAC was dissolved after the formation of Telangana State. Perhaps they do not remember that Mr. KCR had promised to merge TRS in Congress if separate Telangana is formed. He had also said that TRS is not a political party but it is an organization to struggle for separate Telangana Movement. He has also declared that there won’t be any need for TRS after the formation Telangana State but the formation of Telangana, he deviated from his declaration in the manner in which he had deviated from his to make Dalit, the first CM of Telangana. He did not fulfill the promise of providing 12% reservations to Muslims and Tribals. In the same manner, he also did not fulfilled the providing 3 acress of land to Daliths, double bed room to all the needy, free education from KG to PG and one lakh jobs to unemployed youths.

TRS wasted crores of rupees for celebrating its two year rule in Telangana State. HWen Prof. Kodandaram raised the issues, there was turmoil in State politics. Prof. Kodandaram did neither criticize CM nor his royal expenditure but he criticized the failures of the Govt. during the past two years.

If the two year functioning of TRS Govt. is reviewed, it would be clear that his greatest achievement is that he got 23 MLAs and 2 MPs into his folds. Defection may be dangerous for democracy but it is very useful for TRS from political point of view. Success of TRS in every by-election has disappointed the opposition. Congress MLAs are also opposing TRS Govt. only for namesake. The tongues of the local political party are also shut since they don’t want to remind the Govt. that it had made a promise that it would provide 12% reservation to Muslims within four months of assuming power.

With the attacks of the ruling party on Prof. Kodandaram, it reveals that Mr. KCR is well aware with the power of the people, employees, intellectuals and students who also have the extraordinary potential to dislodge a Govt. after empowering it. By colliding with the powerful Govt. of Telangana, Prof. Kodandaram has proved that the members of opposition cannot purchase him by tempting him to offer money or positions. It may be mentioned that during the past two years, KCR offered membership of legislature and other positions to Prof. Kodandaram but he denied and preferred to be among the people. It is a lesson for the leaders who change their loyalties. Leaders and students who played a key role in Telangana movement are deprived of any positions but those who had opposed Telangana Movement are enjoying the positions. Those who participated in Telangana Movement have no access to this CM. He does not like to meet them. His doors are open for the corporate sectors like Apple, Google, Facebook and IT professionals.

When Prof. Kodandaram came into action, the opposition parties are also criticizing CM and his ministers. It may be possible that Congress may get a new life in this manner but it is possible only when all the Congressmen are united and take a vow not to sell their loyalties for the sake of a few coins and positions.

Nayeem wajahath

–Siasat News