Being Known As Salman Khan’s Brother Has More Pros Than Cons: Arbaaz Khan

Mumbai: He is born to veteran screenwriter Salim Khan and has superstar Salman Khan as his big brother, but Arbaaz says the stardom of his kin has not overshadowed his career.

The 50-year-old actor-director said getting recognised as Salman’s brother does not bother him and it only acts as an advantage.

“I don’t think (it has bothered me) ever. There are only advantages of being Salim Khan’s son, Salman Khan’s brother and coming from a known family,” Arbaaz told PTI.

The actor said the fact that “I could never make it to the level that I should have was because I was under pressure or under the shadow of my father or brother. I think those are just excuses.”

Arbaaz said he is aware that there is a certain baggage of expectations when a person comes a famous family but he has taken it in his stride.

“There is a pressure. People look at you differently. But you’ve got to move on. I look at all that has happened to me because of my family as an advantage rather than disadvantage.

It has more pros than cons.”

After an acting career of more than a decade, Arbaaz ventured into film production between 2009 and 2014. He took a sabbatical from acting as he produced films like Dabangg, Dabangg 2 – which he also directed – and Dolly Ki Doli.

He, however, said acting is something he enjoys the most.

“For me, acting is something I am passionate about. I am someone who wants to be known for who I am. If I wanted to just make money, I would’ve chosen some other profession.

“I know there are insecurities in being an actor. There are certain compromises you need to make, but they are all worth it. The perks of being recognised are something else,” he said.

Arbaaz is currently awaiting the release of his next Nirdosh, in which he plays a cop investigating a murder.

The thriller, directed by Pradeep Rangwani and Subroto Paul, also features Manjari Fadnis, Ashmit Patel, Maheck Chahal and Mukul Dev.

Nirdosh is scheduled to be released on January 19.