Know why exactly ‘Nitish Kumar’ is the only ray of hope for BJP

Patna: With five Assembly Election results out and the surprising defeat of the saffron party in these states, Nitish Kumar Bihar state’s CM is the only hope left for BJP to form a possible alliance to save saffron party’s citadel.

“Still, PM Modi could well be the most popular leader in the country, but the one clear signal is that the so-called Modi wave is ebbing everywhere. It leaves the saffron party with Nitish Kumar as their only option to save its citadel in Bihar, a state that elects 40 Lok Sabha members,” a JD(U) leader said soon after the results were out.

The NDA party currently has 30 Lok Sabha members including two candidates from JD(U) in Bihar, DailyO reports.

With Upendra Kushwaha already out of the ruling alliance, BJP is left with JD(U)’s Nitish Kumar to defeat the political opponents in the state.

While JD(U) and RJD, remain the two most important regional political parties in Bihar, with committed vote banks, an alliance with anyone could be the only savior for the saffron party.

But the middle class and upper caste are also equally important as their minor swing can be of huge significance.