Know what Muslim women of Deoband have to say about triple talaq bill

Deoband: Protest of Muslim women of Deoband against triple talaq bill, passed by the Lok Sabha on Thursday, is continued unabated. In a meeting of ladies wing of Al-Qureshi Educational Academy, the bill was blatantly rejected and women pledged that they will follow shariah.

According to sources, a programme was held at the office of the academy during which Academy chief Mahtab Begum said 99 per cent of the Muslim women are with the Muslim Personal Law Board. She claimed that the women who are favouring the bill before media are not the representatives of Muslim women. They neither have knowledge of shariah nor do they know the ill effects of the bill.

Mahtab Begum said the movement is run against shariah on the pretext of favouring the bill. This is interference in religious affairs of Muslims. The contents of the bill will affect the rights of Muslims. It will land women into trouble and will affect their marital life. The bill will distance the couple from each other and will have negative effects on children.