Know the jobs that robots cannot kill for the next decade

Everyday there are reports of AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking away jobs. The fears of rising unemployment due to machines has been dangerously looming since past few years. The big job cuts announced by some companies only add to the fears. In a report for jobs that robots cannot kill, IT giant Cognizant talks about jobs that will not go out of vogue, at least for the next decade. The company claims that its report is based on a different reading of the trends and the facts.

According to Gadgets Now, In the report, it proposes 21 new jobs that it claims will emerge over the next decade and will become the cornerstone of the future of work.

Here are 21 job listings that you can pick to ensure robot-proof career:

  • Quantum Machine Learning Analyst
  • Augmented Reality Journey Builder
  • Master of Edge Computing
  • Genetic Diversity Officer
  • AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician
  • Cyber City Analyst
  • Data Detective
  • Personal Data Broker
  • Bring Your Own IT Facilitator
  • Man-Machine Teaming Manager
  • AI Business Development Manager
  • Digital Tailor
  • Virtual Store Sherpa
  • Fitness Commitment Counselor
  • Personal Memory Curator
  • Chief Trust Officer
  • Financial Wellness Coach
  • Genomic Portfolio Director
  • Ethical Sourcing Manager
  • Highway Controller
  • Walker/Talker