Know your girl’s choice before buying V-Day gifts

New Delhi: A dozen flowers, a teddy bear or even heart-shaped gifts — for him and her — have become passé. If you are a man caught in a V-Day gift dilemma, go for something that suits her taste and preferences on this Valentine’s Day, says an expert.

Here are a few tips by Manisha Chopra, Co-Founder, SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, that a man can keep in mind while buying that ideal V-Day present for his lady love:

* Fulfill her sartorial desires: She loves to shop and can spend hours browsing through her favourite accessories, clothes, footwear, etc. While you may dislike spending more than 30 minutes in a crowded mall or apparel store, this V-Day take her for shopping and gift her a gorgeous dress or a swanky handbag. If she swears by brands, present her with a gift voucher of her favourite store or brand and let her go crazy shopping.

* Don’t be practical in choosing gifts for her: The other day she must have informed you about her mixer-grinder that stopped functioning. Do not think of buying her a new mixer-grinder because she needs one. Well, that may be a caring gesture, but for Valentine’s Day she may be expecting something more romantic from you. Therefore, make sure to choose a gift that is romantic yet thoughtful. For example, how about gifting her a spa session? There’s nothing more romantic than a spa session that makes your girl feel relaxed, pampered and rejuvenated.

* The gift should be exclusively meant to make her happy: Finally, you have decided to make her happy and spend some quality time together by setting off on a holiday. While that is a very romantic gesture, ensure that you’re not planning the trip to catch up on your favourite sport event happening in the city. Instead, get tickets for a play or an opera, which she will enjoy watching with you.

* Do not pick gifts that make her feel uncomfortable: You may be longing to see your lady love in a cocktail dress with a plunging neckline on V-Day. While she may accept the gift, do not expect her to wear it and go out with you on the same day. Unless she is comfortable to dress up for you, do not force her or make her feel awful for not wearing your ‘special gift’ on this romantic occasion.

* Explore your creative side: She may love chocolates and may be a foodie, but instead of buying her chocolates or taking her to the newest restaurant in town, why not test your culinary skills? Bake her a cake or surprise her by preparing her favourite dish.