Know about fish-milk combination and white patches on skin

You may have heard at times, that consuming milk after fish causes white patches and infection. But as per a nutritionist, the combination is harmless.

Max Healthcare chief clinical nutritionist, Dr Ritika Samaddar, told NDTV there are no harmful effects of drinking milk with chicken or fish. She also said the white spots mainly happen due to melanin deficiency.

“There is a very popular delicacy in Bengali called Doi Mach — a preparation in which fish is added in dahi [curd]. Bengalis have always been having that and there has been no such case of infections or white patches,” she explained.

However, she said if one is consuming an Ayurvedic medicine, there can be a possible adverse reaction of milk with fish or chicken.

“People on Ayurvedic medicine might experience a reaction when milk is consumed with fish or chicken. But from the nutritional point of view and from the point of view of contemporary medicine, there’s nothing that is harmful about these two foods interacting with each other and causing harm to the body,” she said.

An Ayurvedic expert Dr BN Sinha had earlier told NDTV that the combination can alter the chemicals in blood, which can lead to skin pigmentation or leucoderma.

Dermatologist Dr Deepali Bharadwaj had also said: “Fish and milk must never be had together. It can cause terrible allergies.”

However, there is no clear evidence to prove that the combination gives rise to vitiligo, there is absolutely no harm in eating them together, said Bengaluru-based nutritionist Dr Anju Sood.

Furthermore, a diet that includes fish, milk or yoghurt along with cereals, nuts, and healthy fats considered one of the best meals healthwise. Also known as the Mediterranean diet, it keeps you away from diabetes, heart diseases and several other health problems.