Know how to dress for a wildlife holiday this summer

New Delhi: Summer is upon us, and with it comes an activity that is much loved – planning a vacation. While some may want to escape to the mountains, and others prefer to head to the beach, but here we are for those who love to keep it a little wild.

If you’re heading to a national reserve or camping in a forest, we thought we could help you out with a few tips on how to dress for your vacay!

Lubeina Shahpurwala, Partner at Mustang Socks, gave various tips to dress for a wildlife vacation this summer. Keep reading to know exactly what you need to pack.

Camouflage Colours: While summer may make you want to dress in bright yellows and pinks, you should actually dress a lot differently for a wildlife holiday. Colours that are not striking and can camouflage with the jungle should be on your list while shopping. Pick colours like green, grey or brown, which can blend well.

Light Fabric: Light fabrics are easier to pack in your rucksack and are quick to dry. They will also keep you cool if it gets too hot and can even be layered up, in case it gets cold at night.

Heavy-soled shoes: This is not the place for your canvas sneakers or slip-on shoes. The fabric for shoes is very thin and will provide zero support or protection. Opt for sturdy shoes that will help you throughout the day. Certain brands are known to manufacture shoes especially designed for extreme outdoor excursion.

CoolMax socks: Being in outdoor during summer can definitely get you hot and bothered. Ensure you wear CoolMax socks that are made out of special coolmax yarn. This yarn is breathable and light, with a technology that pulls the sweat away from your feet. They will go a long way in keeping your feet cool, in what could otherwise be a pretty sticky situation.

Right Accessories: Along with your clothing, you should also look at the smaller things when planning for your vacation. Your checklist should include sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, extra hand towels, wet wipes and sanitizer. Besides, you should have received a list from the hospitality team at the venue and ensure that you have a basic first aid kit.

Do keep in mind that currently the natural wildlife ecosystem on this planet is at risk. Years of poaching and abuse to the environment has driven several species to extinction. When you go for your vacation, appreciate the beauty of the environment and respect it as well. Have a great summer!