KK teaches to Earn Rs.6 lakh

The TRS MP Dr K Kesava Rao has participated in ‘kooli’ work on Tuesday. He earned Rs.6 lakh through his labor work. In a unique way, Kesava Rao taught Secunderabad Public School students and there he earned Rs.2lakh and he earned Rs.2 lakh by teaching teaching-techniques at Nova Engineering College. He also earned Rs.2lakh at Ohris Hotel by selling Telangana brand ice cream. It may be recalled that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has given a call to the party leaders to earn their expenditure on their own to participate in the Party’s foundation day public meeting to be held on April 27 at Warangal. As part of it, the TRS leaders were participating in labor work in the name of ‘Gulabi Kooli’ and earning money for the party. (NSS)