Kjo not scared of anyone post ‘intolerance’ controversy

Mumbai : After whipping up quite a storm over his comments on ‘Intolerance’ at the Jaipure Literature Festival, filmmaker Karan Johar now said that he is not scared of anyone.

“Without fear and without any hesitation, I can say anything. My silence has stated everything. I’m not scared of anyone. The thoughts are mine and will always be mine and I’m very proud of my own feelings and thoughts,” said Karan during screening of Hansal Mehta’s film ‘Aligarh.’

“We are filmmakers, we are entertainers, and that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own thoughts and opinions. Sometimes these things happen and sometimes we make statements at certain platforms. I’m proud to be a filmmaker in India. I’m proud that I have a voice because I’m a filmmaker and I hope I continue to have that voice,” he further elaborated.

At the ninth edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival, the filmmaker landed into trouble when he said India is a “tough country” where speaking about personal life can land people behind the bars and he did not want to fight the “governance” by talking of issues like ” intolerance.”

He was in conversation with author Shobaa De and his biographer Poonam Saxena on his upcoming biography “An Unsuitable Boy.”

Karan Johar, who has made films on contentious issues such as homosexuality, ‘Dostana’, and relationships outside wedlock, ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehana’, said as a filmmaker he felt bound at every level. “I feel bound on every level, be it what I put out on the celluloid or what I say in print. I feel like there is always some kind of a legal notice awaiting me everywhere I go,” he said. (ANI)