Or Kitne Achhe Din? Bank charges to be increased from January 20

The attack on your money does not seem to stop from any of the sides. Demonetisation, GST, and now the bank charges had all become a “surgical strike” on common man’s savings.

The charges on your savings likely to be increased even more from January 20. For every service that bank provides, they charge you for it. From depositing your cheque to limiting the deposit, all these new conditions would be now levied on common people.

From January 20, be ready to pay Rs 2.5 on every Rs 1,000 you put in your savings account after you have reached your daily free saving limit of Rs 50,000. Whereas, for other account types, Rs 25,000 can be put for free and Rs 2.5 would be charged on every Rs 1,000.

Apart from this, for doing a transaction on mobile or availing internet banking, you will have to pay Rs 25 as per the new guidelines. For changing your password or requesting a new one, you will have to pay Rs 10.

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