Kiswa (Ghilaf-e-Kaaba) changed as per annual tradition

Makkah: The covering cloth of the Kaaba, known as Kiswa, is changed on Wednesday morning at Masjid al-Haram in Saudi Arabia where over 2.5 millions of Muslims from around the have gathered to perform Hajj.

The annual ceremony was held on 9th Zilhaj every year after Fajr prayer on the day of Arafat.


Quranic verses are embroidered on the Kiswa, in threads of pure gold.


Ghilaf-e-Kaaba is prepared with an estimated 150 kg pure gold and 670 kg silk fiber by over 200 weaving experts in Dar-ul-Kiswa factory with the cost of 20.70 million Saudi riyals (nearly PKR.550 million).

The old Kiswa is torn into pieces and gifted to foreign dignitaries after the changing ceremony.