‘Kiss’ led Qatar school to ban ‘Snow White’ fairy tale

Doha: Disney’s popular fairy tale ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ has been removed from Qatar school library for containing illustrations and text which were culturally inappropriate.

The story was based on a young woman who eats a poisonous apple and revived by a kiss from a handsome prince.

After a parent at SEK International School Qatar complaint, Qatar’s Supreme Education Council (SEC) ordered its removal from school’s library.

“SEK International School Qatar is proud to be established in this country and presents its formal apologies for any offense that this unintended situation may have caused,” the school’s principal, Vivian Arif, said in an official statement. The principal quickly moved to ensure no child would ever read it there again.

The father who made the complaint was “flabbergasted” at the “inappropriate”, “indecent” book “containing illustrations and phrases that have sexual innuendoes”.

“We deeply respect the culture of Qatar, we are committed to the promotion of its values and principles, and we will keep on working so that our school is always a reference for its commitment and service to the people of Qatar,” said Arif.