Kishan urges people to vote for him on his past record

Hyderabad: Senior BJP leader and candidate in Secunderabad Lok Sabha constituency G. Kishan Reddy today urged the people to see his past track record and vote for him in the April 11 elections to Lok Sabha.

Speaking at a Meet-the-Press program here today, Kishan Reddy said he served the people relentlessly for 15 years as an MLA and resolved burning problems of people. He said that due to short time, he couldn’t cover all the areas in the constituency.

Kishan Reddy said, “All the regional parties are family-run business parties and because of family involvement in Karnataka, they are going to win 22 seats. He said AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has also family commitment but not political commitment and his top priority was his selfishness. Kishan Reddy exuded confidence that Prime Minister Modi will remain in power despite the best efforts of the Opposition to oust Narendra Modi from power because of Modi wave all over the country for his selfless services to the people. The BJP leader also said the power-hungry Opposition parties were making impossible promises to woo people but their attempts will go in vain.

Asked how many seats his party would win in Telangana State, Kishan Reddy said the BJP would bag maximum number of MP seats as there was overwhelming response in Telangana in the last three days. He also said as TRS supremo KCR was hobnobbing with Telangana antagonists like AIMIM and other parties, the Chief Minister has no moral right to claim that Telangana was his patent.