Kiren Rijiju attends post harvest festival of Arunachal Pradesh in Delhi

New Delhi: Festivals in the north-east region are marked with colourful traditional dance, costumes, cuisines and various rituals living up the olden practices and preserve the rich history and heritage. People across the north-east region, celebrate various festivals religiously by merry making and joy.

To promote the unique culture and bring awareness on tribal traditions, youths from Arunachal Pradesh living away from home organized rich and holistic festivals of Miji and Aka tribes titled `Chindang and Nyethriidow Festival` in New Delhi recently.

The post harvest festival was organized by Sajalong (Miji tribe) and Hrusso (Aka tribe) community students who are living in the capital city of India.

Union Home Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju and MPs from the north-east region also attended the festival, which highlights a unique and rare gesture.

Moreover, their presence also promotes the unity and brotherhood in the northeast region and India as a whole.

The festival also saw a huge number of students` from the same community living in other northern cities participates.

“Like other major tribes in Arunachal Pradesh, Aka and Miji tribes are smaller tribes and we are not so well known like other bigger tribes. That`s why what we thought is, if we celebrate our festival in such big place like in Delhi, we could promote our culture, identity, tradition and our local cuisines. That`s why, we are organizing this festival today, “said Ganidon Nimasow, Convener, Organizing Committee.

“Our indigenous festivals are important for members of the community. So, in whatever small possible way we must get together and just observe. We cannot have that kind of celebration we have back home. Here, it is just a customary get together. Spirit remains the same but it`s not done in a manner we want to because you can`t do the original rituals but it`s interesting,” added Kiren Rijiju, Union Home Minister of State for Home Affairs.

During the event, dance troupes from the students showcased the rich and unique traditions of Miji and Aka tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

A colourful and beautiful fashion parade was also presented depicting the transformation of their traditional attires as time transcends.

Local cuisines and brew served at the festival enhances the crowd spirit at the event. Also, presence of a five time World Amateur Boxing Champion and Rajya Sabha MP Mary Kom added glitters at the event.

“Whatever I have seen here today, the culture, traditional are almost similar and I really love and enjoy the Chindang and Nyethriidow festival. So it is a new experience for me,” said Rajya Sabha MP, Mary Kom.

Such event not only promotes the rich culture and traditions but also promotes communal harmony within the community and in the north-east region as a whole.