Kiran Bedi bans ‘business class air travel’ by Puducherry govt officials

New Delhi : The Puducherry administration has banned business class air travel for government officials with immediate effect. Citing severe financial constraints prevailing in the administration of Puducherry, Lt Governor Kiran Bedi imposed the ban.

“In view of serious financial crunch where CM himself has declared that GOP is not sure if we have the money to pay next month salary I have directed barring of business air travel by all entitled/officials without exception + more steps, till situation improves @arunjaitley,” Bedi also tweeted on Friday.

The former IPS officer said that the matter was discussed in a meeting and it was decided to follow this procedure in the interest of financial administration of the Union Territory of Puducherry.

Further, the Finance Secretary had been duly informed of the decision.

“Objective is to save every rupee for essential expenses for people of Puducherry and business travel is not essential. It is a comfort and a luxury. Not a right. If we can travel in economy we can save for people in the current circumstances when we need every rupee,” she added.

Bedi also instructed officials that before tenders are floated, it must be clearly stated in the proposed note for approval whether required money is available within the budget estimates of the departments. (ANI)