BJP worker killed while making bomb at home with weapons

Koothuparamba (Kannur): Lethal weapons were recovered from the house of a deceased BJP worker who allegedly died “making” the bomb.

Six swords, axes and knives were recovered from the damaged house of 27-year-old Dikshith during a police search in the house.

A police team led by Thalassery Deputy Superintendent Prince Abraham conducted a search on Sunday.

Son of local BJP leader Ponnambet Pradeepan was alone at his residence in Koothuparambu when the mishap took place.

Dikshith, was fatally injured in the blast that occurred in the house around 7.30 p.m. on Saturday and died while being rushed to a hospital.

The police assume that the bomb went off due to reckless handling of the explosives.

Meanwhile, the CPM has alleged that the mishap is the proof that bombs were being made as per the instructions of BJP leaders in Payyannur.

With inputs from The Hindu