Kill us, but don’t send us to Myanmar: Rohingya Muslims to Govt. of India

Jammu: After a group of Rohingya Muslims was deported to Myanmar by the central government, 6000 Rohingya Muslims residing in the outskirts of Jammu are living in a state of fear. They say we are ready to die but don’t want to go to Myanmar. Instead of sending us to Myanmar, the government of India should kill us by assembling us at one place.

According to UNI 35-year-old, Mohammed Yousuf told that government of India is planning to send us back to Myanmar since then we are having sleepless nights and are living in a state of fear. We are ready to die but don’t want to go back to Myanmar. There we will be killed mercilessly. It is better to die here in a group than to go there.

After the crackdown by Myanmar security forces, Rohingya Muslims in 2013 migrated to the outskirts of Jammu. There are around 6000 Rohingya refugees living in Jammu. They work and earn living.

BJP, Panthers party, VHP, RSS and other political, social and economic organisations are against the presence of Rohingya refugees in Jammu. This month on October 4 government of India has deported 7 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar.