Kiki challenge: Farmers in Telangana does kiki with bullocks in field

The Kiki Challenge is the latest social media challenge sweeping the globe and has led to police forces warning people against taking part in it. With people dancing beside a moving car and that being dangerous, Hyderabad police have also warned against doing such stunts.

A video of two villagers Anil and Geela Pilli Tirupati doing a Kiki challenge besides two bullocks which walked ploughing the field is going viral. This was done in a small village in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

“That is our natural dance but we did practice a couple of times since we were dancing in the slush in the field. Doing it on the road would have been easy but we decided to be realistic. The bullocks were ploughing the field and we danced to the song,” Srikanth who wielded the camera said.

What else do you have in the village but bullocks?” Srikanth said. Anil was a teacher in a private school in Siddipet but with his friends, he makes Youtube videos about village life. Pilli Tirupati, who danced along with Anil is a farmer himself.

They put up their video on Instagram on 1st August and it became an instant hit. It also caught the attention of international media. “Our video is being talked about everywhere and it feels good,” Anil Geela said.