Kii finds smart solution for Smart Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Kii with collaboration of Ideabytes has come up with a smart solution to the vision of Telangana State to promote Hyderabad as smart city. The representatives of the KII will be conducting a day-long seminar on Friday, on their innovative ways of “Internet of things” provide solutions helpful in transforming the Hyderabad as a smart city, Masanari Arai, Kii CEO has said.
“In a city where residents and visitors get the government services, public utilities and daily needs in hazel free and smarter mode it is called a smart city. Internet is instrumental in enabling smartness as platform from where every thing can make possible without stepping out from our house. The Kii is an ‘Internet of things’ platform provider for the many such projects. We already participated in enabling smart city projects across globe. With our central government visioning to develop 100 smart cities we kicked off this effort at ‘IOT in smart city’ conference, said Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director, Ideabytes.
“In this event, we bring government and industry together to discuss smart city strategies and execution to help India’s 100 smart cities vision. We are supporting this event as a platinum sponsor”, he added. The mission of smart cities is to vastly improve the lives of people by addressing some of the challenges that cities face. We believe that smart city initiatives such as smart street lighting, smart transporting and smart utilities will significantly help reduce costs, increase revenues and optimize consumption of smart city services. This is what and how we are going to explain to representatives of government and private firms on the seminar will be held on Friday”, Masanari Arai, Kii CEO added. (NSS)