Kidney donor turns transplantation racketeer

Kidney donor turns transplantation racketeer

Hyderabad: SP of Nalgonda Police, Mr. Vikramjeet Duggal in a press conference held yesterday claimed that police busted international Kidney transplantation racket. The most surprising thing is the person who donated his kidney later turned out to be an agent for kidney transplantation racket.

A 22-year-old Suresh who was second year student of Hotel Management Course got information on “My Kidney website” of Internet and proceeded to Maharashtra to sell his kidney. A team of Gujarat examined him and sent him to Colombo (Sri Lanka) where he sold out his kidney for a handsome amount. He purchased a car from this amount and later became the agent of kidney selling. He persuaded 15 youths to sell their kidneys. He sent them to Colombo.

According to the reports, Suresh sold his kidney in December 2014. After this he started working as an agent. It was revealed that Rs. 27-30 lakh used to be collected from patients out of which Rs. 13 lakh used to be for medical expenses, Rs. 2 lakh for travelling expenses and Rs. 5 lakh used to be paid to the commission agent.

It is reported that the group which arranges kidney transplantation has links in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal and Mumbai. This group used to send the youths to Navalok Hospital of Colombo on visit visa. The youths who sold out their kidneys have been arrested by Nalgonda police. Further investigations are in progress.

–Siasat News