Kia to expand sales of electric vehicles in Europe with Uber

Seoul: Kia will work together with share transport network company Uber, and speed up to sell electric vehicles in Europe.

Kia and Uber have signed a partnership that offers purchase benefits for Kia’s electric cars such as Niro EV to Uber drivers in Europe. The cooperation between those two companies is to supply electric cars with less noise and no-carbon emission for creating a comfortable urban environment.

Kia is planning to strengthen the partnership by offering electric cars to Uber drivers in 20 Europe countries.

Uber has set a vision that it will operate more than 100,000 electric cars in Europe by 2025 and build no-carbon dioxide mobility platform by 2030.

Through the vision, Uber is planning to convert half of Uber cars operated in seven major cities including London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid and Lisbon to electric cars.

“The EV partnership with Uber will be the important milestone for mobility generation without carbon emission,” said Jung Won-jeoung, a Head Manager of Kia Europe Headquarters.

“Starting with offering high-tech electric cars such as Niro EV to Uber, Kia will keep trying hard to create the urban environment and roads without noise and pollution,” added Jung.