Ki and Ka, the man of the house is a woman

New Delhi: The movie revolves around Kia (Kareena) and Kabir (Arjun). Kia is an ambitious girl who has high corporate goals in life, whereas Kabir is the son of a billionaire real estate tycoon who has no interest in his father’s business and wants to become like his home-maker mother.

Right from the beginning, there is a monologue by Kia, where she says she does not want to be a man’s support system. Then she happens to meet Kabir on a flight. Kabir is an emotional man who has no ambition in life and aspires to be a home maker.

After this encounter, both meet regularly, fall in love and get married. The twist is that the Mangal Sutra is worn by Kabir and not Kia, which is comical.

Kia’s mother, who is part of several NGOs, and, is a modern and an open minded woman, approves of their marriage, but Kabir’s father is astonished and is against their marriage.

Post marriage, things appear to move along at smooth and adjustable pace between the two until the time when Kabir’s thinking starts getting appreciated and he starts giving speeches and interviews. This does not go down well with an egoistic Kia.

In the meantime, Kabir finds an admirer in Jaya Bachchan and tells Amithabh Bachchan that she wants to meet Kabir. These two have a cute cameo in the movie.

Performance wise, Kareena is very good. Arjun Kapoor too has held his own. The pace of the movie, however, is erratic, but the dialogues are pretty good.

All in all, it’s a different take on marriage with the added spice of role reversal. The movie is worth a watch.

P.S. The movie is a rip off from the Hollywood movie The Intern. (ANI)