Khashoggi murder: Turkish journalists reveals ‘new details’ in book

ISTANBUL: A new book written by Turkish journalists claimed to have details of the infamous consulate recording of Jamal Khashoggi‘s murder and dismemberment in the Instabul consulate allegedly at the hands of a Saudi hit squad, Aljazeera reported, citing Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah.

The book titled “Diplomatic Atrocity: The Dark Secrets of the Khashoggi Murder” is written by two Daily Sabah journalists, purports to shed light on the moments before, during, and after the writer’s murder and what transpired in the aftermath.

“I’ve never worked on a warm body so far, but I can easily handle him [Khashoggi],” the book quotes forensic doctor Salah al-Tubaigy, who is accused of dismembering Khashoggi’s body.

“Jamal is tall, around 1.80 meters,” Mr. Tubaigy is quoted as saying. “The joints of a sacrificial animal are easily split, but dismembering still will take time.”

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“I always worked on cadavers,” he said. “I know how to cut well. I have never worked on a warm body until now, but I can handle that easily. Normally while working on a cadaver, I put on my headphones and listen to music. And I drink my coffee and smoke my cigarette.”

“After I dismember, you will wrap them in plastic bags and put in the luggage and take” the body parts out, Mr. Tubaigy added, according to the book.

The book citing an unnamed source also discloses that despite reports all members of the hit squad had been arrested and detained, Al-Tubaigy escaped any action and is living with his family in a villa in Jeddah.

Khashoggi’s last words were, according to the book: “Do not cover my mouth. I have asthma, you will suffocate me.”