Khan warns terror strike may be 3 days away

Hyderabad, April 30: Hyderabad Commissioner of Police AK Khan, who had downplayed threat perception to the State capital on Wednesday, did a U-turn on Thursday.

After a mock drill at Goshamahal police stadium, where he himself ‘‘triggered a bomb,’’ Khan said terrorists were likely to strike in the next three days. ‘‘We have some specific information from Central agencies that anything might happen in the coming few days. And I am serious,’’ he said but declined to disclose more about the terror alert.

And in an ominous warning, he said it could either be serial blasts or like in Bangalore, the terrorists might leave a bag containing explosives at a public place.

The mock drill was organised to sensitise private security agencies.

To drive home the point, Khan cautioned them to be vigilant failing which, he warned, they would be held accountable for any lapses.

‘‘Let me make it clear that security agencies or guards will be put behind bars for negligence if any terror incident takes place,’’ the top cop thundered.

Stressing the need for being extra cautious, the Police Commissioner advised the security guards to keep an eye especially on those aged between 18 and 35.

‘‘The managements of all the commercial establishments are requested to make sure that their CCTVs are in place and in working condition. It is also equally important that a monitoring system should be in place and constant vigil has to be kept at any cost,’’ Khan stressed.

All the security agencies and managements of commercial establishments in the city were briefed by Joint Commissioner of Police (Special Branch) RS Praveen Kumar and Deputy Commissioner of Police (CSW) RB Naik on the safety measures to be taken.

They explained in detail the modus operandi followed by terrorists in earlier attacks in different parts of the country.