Kevin worse than our Nazi-obsessed abusive father: Randy

Washington: The estranged brother of Kevin Spacey has revealed that the actor is “worse” than their Nazi-obsessed abusive father and also accused him of having a “creepy” relationship with their mother in a new book.

According to, Randy Fowler claimed that former ‘House of Cards’ star Kevin is past help and giving treatment to the actor at a sex addiction rehab clinic is pointless.

In a recent interview given to a leading UK publication, Fowler said, “I heard Kevin checked himself into some sex addiction clinic – well excuse me but you’re in the wrong building. It’s far more serious than that.”

“Kevin was a king on his throne but he has now been dethroned by all these allegations; taking advantage of people using his wealth and power. All my life I thought I had protected Kevin from my father and it turns out it’s all for nothing because he’s worse than my father, The Creature,” he alleged.

He added, “He’s worse because he had wealth and power and with that you get influence. The first few chapters of my book slice Kevin a thousand cuts but this is the truth. This is how child abuse affects people and if Kevin doesn’t like it, too bad.”

In the book, Randy also documented years of abuse in which his Nazi-sympathising father Thomas Fowler beat him, whipped him and emotionally abused him from the age of 6 before he started sexually assaulting him at age 14.

Randy also revealed how he almost shot his father with a gun in 1968 as he hid in a closet from him whilst in possession of his German Luger but ultimately there was no confrontation. (ANI)