Kevin Smith celebrates birthday post-heart-attack

New Delhi: American filmmaker Kevin Smith celebrated his 48th birthday on Thursday.

Smith had suffered a massive heart attack in February.

Taking to Instagram, he marked the occasion with a classic joke from the film that kicked off his career, ‘Clerks’. Smith shared a photo of himself leaning against the store in New Jersey where Clerks was filmed.

“Today, August 2nd, 2018, I am 48 years old. This is me leaning against the wall that changed my life.

Speaking of life, I almost didn’t make it out alive this year. So in the words of the great Dante Hicks, “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” If you’re looking to get me a cheap but meaningful gift? Help me green light my new show #hollyweed (link in my bio)! #KevinSmith #birthday #rstvideo #quickstop #newjersey #leonardo,” read the caption.

Reportedly, Smith suffered a heart attack after shooting for ‘Kevin Smith Live!’, a standup comedy show, at the Alex Theatre.