Kevin Hart may face lawsuit over car accident

Washington: American actor Kevin Hart who sustained injuries in a recent car crash might face a lawsuit over the incident.

The comedian is being blamed by those who got injured during the crash, including the driver and a second passenger, who say Hart showed negligence for not having critical safety features installed like airbags and safety harnesses, according to a report from TMZ.

The missing safeguards — standard in more modern vehicles –were not common back in the 1970s, so Hart reportedly passed on them for an extra bit of authenticity.

The company who was behind in designing the car of Hart may also be on the hook for allowing the custom job to go through without seeing the safety norms, reported TMZ, which said a negligence claim could be rooted in the body shop’s decision to go ahead with the job despite the lack of modern safeguards in the powerful, 720 horsepower engine vehicle.