Kevin Hart hits back at Dwayne Johnson

Los Angeles: Comedian Kevin Hart has slammed actor Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock for mocking at his weight.

A few days ago, the “Baywatch” actor posted a picture of his daughter watching him work out in the gym, and compared her to Hart in the most savage way, reports

The Rock tweeted: “My lil’ Jasmine Lia loves watchin me clang and bang in the Iron Paradise. Warms my cold black heart as she sits in awe.. ‘Wow daddy you’re so strong’ while I hammer away. Ironically, my baby son Kevin Hart does the exact same thing too when watching his daddy.”

But this didn’t go down too well with Hart. He hit back at Johnson.

Hart wrote: “If I was in there, I would of taken a 15 lb weight and knocked your big a** out with it and then I would’ve taken a shit in the middle of that awful iron paradise of yours.”

Both of them have worked together in movies like “Jumanji” and “Central Intelligence”.