Kevin Hart gives a piece of advice to fellow comedians

Washington: American stand-up comedian Kevin Hart has given a piece of advice to his fellow comedians. He has told them to go beyond the serving as cogs in Hollywood’s comedy industry to get growth in their careers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin while collecting the Generation Award at a packed ‘Just for Laughs’ awards show, which celebrates comedy’s leading stars, said: “My one piece of advice to comedians is we’re so much more than just the comedian. Challenge yourself to understand not just how the world of comedy works, but how the world of business works. And when you do that, you become partners.”

The talent in the comedian was discovered at Just for Laughs in 2001 when he took part in the ‘New Faces’ comedy showcase, and since then has championed the Montreal comedy festival with repeat appearances.

Hart will debut his ‘Laugh Out Loud’ network talk-show titled, ‘Hart to Heart’, at Just for Laughs by interviewing Trevor Noah, Howie Mandel and other celebrity guests before live audiences.

“We’ve all witnessed one of the most incredible passages to superstardom we’ve ever seen in the business,” the ‘Just for Laughs’ CEO Bruce Hills said.
“There’s so much you can do as a comedian. There are so many doors you can open. Some people are content with the one door of the stage. I personally am not content with that, never have been, because I understand the business that goes into show business,” Hart explained.
Continuing, the comedian said that doing well opens doors for emerging talents.

“You enable not just yourself, but others to have bigger and better opportunities because of your achievements. We break ground. And the more ground we break, the more comedians run through and break more ground,” he said.