Keshav Rao faces bitter experience on OU Campus

Hyderabad: TRS secretary-general and Rajya Sabha member Dr K Keshav Rao faced a bitter experience at the Osmania University on Tuesday.

When Keshav Rao went to the Osmania University to participate in the Alumni meeting, university students raised slogans against KK leading to tension for some time. The students alleged that the TRS government was playing games with their lives by going back on its word on providing jobs to them. They raised slogans against Keshav Rao like ‘Keshavarao go back’, ‘Keshavarao get out’. At one point, heated argument took place between the students and gunmen of Keshav Rao. However, the OU police intervened and calmed down the students.

It may recalled that Keshav Rao, an alumni of the university was actively supervising the Osmania University Centenary Celebrations, which would be held from April 26 to 28. (NSS)